Welcome to the Ntouch Group

The Ntouch Group (Ntouch) is your go-to for innovative cost-effective solutions to help reach customers that matter to you, wherever they are. Working in partnership with clients both large and small, Ntouch takes a holistic approach in capitalizing on a variety of marketing approaches and communication channels. We create robust programs that can deliver on DEI goals for increased brand visibility, improved reputations and expanded bottom lines.

Strategic Philanthropy

NTouch is experienced in helping nonprofits move from goals to implementation. The firm takes an ear-to-the-ground approach in connecting those experiencing the impacts of systemic and structural barriers to funders for meaningful impact. Ntouch can help facilitate constructive engagement to inform philanthropic strategies for solutions to underlying causes of poverty and other social ills.

Fund Development

Fund development is much more than raising money. Core to the process is building long-term sustainable relationships to ensure an organization’s mission and vision are realized.NTouch can support fund raising goals by helping to bring together a particular cause/causes with the right donor/donors.

Marketing Services

Brands that excel at diversity marketing and make it a cornerstone of their brand are easily recognizable as inclusive and diverse companies. Allow Ntouch to help expand your business into new audiences by creating a tailored integrated marketing communications strategy for improved brand visibility.